Friday, February 26, 2010

Killer Whale.... 3 deaths in his past

Aggressive 6 tons male, captured off the coast of Iceland in 1991 he and two others killed a 20 year-old women at Sea World in Victoria BC Canada.

At Sea World Orlando in 1999 he killed a man that entered the park after hours and entered his pool..

Tilikum is one of the largest of the 41 captive killer whales in the world

Sunday, February 14, 2010

American Billionaire Larry Ellison wins America's Cup...

The boat was built in little ole Anacortes, effort reported to have cost $200 million..!

She is a 114 footer with a 223 ft mast..called a "sailing wing", which can power the boat at 3-times the wind speed...not shown in the picture below, they did their testing with conventional sails, not tipping their hand as to what they were actually bringing to the race... :)

TAKE THAT that ya old Swiss billionaire that lost the race !

American software tycoon Larry Ellison won the America’s Cup yacht race in the Mediterranean Sunday 2/14/2010, defeating the defending champion Alinghi of Switzerland.

The boat was built in little ole Anacortes, Washington

This is Larry's (net worth $27 billion) little personal pleasure boat below...452-foot "Raising Sun"..$200 million construction cost.

Check out the details and additional pictures here: